Collaborative Corporate R&D Partnering

Unicist Virtual B2B Marketing

Based on Functionalist Technologies

Functionalist Technologies

Insourcing Virtual Generation of Sales & New Clients

Based on Collaborative Corporate R&D Partnering

The installation of Unicist Virtual B2B Marketing begins with the building of a functionalist prototype. Functionalist marketing introduced an upgrade in marketing processes that includes managing conceptual segmentation and binary marketing actions to increase sales. The use of functionalist principles and synchronized binary actions influences the root causes of the customers’ buying decisions. 

Depending on the value propositions the closing process might or not require a personal action. This collaborative project generates an initial positive cashflow for the company, and includes technologies that might be protected by non-disclosure agreements.

Unicist Virtual B2B Marketing

This approach includes different technologies to generate a first-choice positioning to sustain sales
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Virtual B2B Marketing begins with the installation of a Prototype

The prototype is developed based on the functionalist knowledge provided by TURI and the R&D process is based on the feedback of it use
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Basic Technologies & Tools

Learn About the Technologies that are Used in this Project

The use of Functionalist Design to define the Functionality of Processes

Managing the functionalist principles of processes and building binary actions and business objects to ensure results
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Installing Unicist Binary Actions in the Design Process

The design of synchronized binary actions expands possibilities and ensures results
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Sales Catalysts to accelerate the Buying Decision Processes in B2B/B2C Markets

They influence the perception of value propositions by ensuring that they match the buying arguments
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Begin by Testing

Learn About the Technologies that are Used in this Project

Begin by Testing a Real Solution using Functionalist Technologies

We recommend experiencing a real solution to a problem using functionalist technologies to generate results
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