Unicist Business Strategy

A Functionalist Approach to Business

Unicist Strategy: Managing Maximal & Minimum Strategies

The unicist functionalist approach to strategy building is based on the use of the ontogenetic maps of business processes that describe their functionality. It is a participative process based on the use of the unicist functional designer. It begins by defining the future scenario, what is possible to be achieved, to define maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results.

Unicist Functional Design + Binary Actions

The unicist functionalist approach to business is based on the use of functional design to manage the functionality of business processes including the development of binary actions. Binary actions are two synchronized actions, sustained by business objects, that aim at the same purpose to ensure the achievement of results.

Value Proposition

Intelligent Applications:
installing synchronized binary actions, business objects, and catalysts to make business strategies work

Using Binary Actions:
the maximal and minimum strategies are based on the use on binary actions to expand the boundaries of businesses and ensure results

Unicist Diagnosing System:
to define problems and develop solutions in adaptive business environments

Unicist Business Diagnostics System
Unicist Business Strategy Designer

Business Strategy Building:
to profit from the development of maximal and minimum strategies and the use of synchronized binary actions

Future Scenario Building:
to find the possibilities of markets and what is possible to be achieved

Unicist Future Scenario Designer
Competitive Strategies

Competitive Strategy Building:
to find the structural solutions that allow reinforcing the positioning of businesses

Risk Management:
to establish a safe framework for businesses and the management of opportunities

Unicist Risk Management Designer
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