Unicist Functionalist Business Organization

Using Unicist AI, Binary Actions & Cobots

Using Objects & Roles Driven Organization

Unicist AI emulates human intelligence to manage the Functionalist Approach. The unicist roles and objects driven organization is focused on enhancing the adaptability and customer orientation of organizations. It is based on installing binary actions within the business processes to ensure results and use business cobots to simplify business processes.

Installing a Roles and Objects Driven Organization

The organization by roles and objects is a client centered organization that fosters growth

The use of Intelligent Systems and applications

The use of intelligent systems simplifies business processes and fosters growth and profitability

Unicist Cobots are intelligent collaborative robots

The use of business cobots ensures the functionality and operationality of businesses processes

Functional Management uses Unicist Binary Actions

They are synchronized actions that aim at the same purpose to ensure the functionality of processes

Unicist Knowledge Management to ensure functionality

The management of knowledge acquisition and its reuse ensure the functionality of business processes

The validation process is based on the use of Pilot Tests

Pilot testing is based on the design of specific destructive tests and non-destructive tests

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