Collaborative Corporate R&D Partnering

Unicist Ontological Market Research

Managing the Functionalist Principles of Customer Behavior

Functionalist Technologies

Increasing the Accuracy of Marketing Actions

Based on Collaborative Corporate R&D Partnering

The research on human intelligence allowed developing the unicist ontological research that manages the rational, emotional and subliminal denotations and connotations of buying processes. The unicist ontological market research allows finding and managing the root causes of buying processes. 

The unicist functionalist approach uses functionalist principles to manage the roots of the functionality of things and the root causes of problems using the necessary synchronized binary actions to generate results. This collaborative project generates an initial positive cashflow for the company, and includes technologies that might be protected by non-disclosure agreements.

The Unicist Ontological Research uses Semiotic Groups

Semiotic groups are a way to evaluate the functionality of products, services and marketing objects of any kind. They allow researching the denotations and connotations to ensure their functionality. 
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Basic Technologies & Tools

Learn About the Technologies that are Used in this Project

Building Knowledge using Pilot Tests and Destructive Tests​

Pilot testing is based on researching the functionality of solutions based on the functionalist principles that define their functionality while destructive testing measures the expansion of the application fields.
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Building Buying and Selling Arguments to Influence People

The discovery that the concepts people have stored in their long-term memory drive their buying arguments and allow finding the complementary selling arguments to drive buying decisions.
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Using Ontological Reverse Engineering to Understand Fundamentals

This technology allows finding the conceptual structures and functionalist principles that underlie buying processes to find the concepts the different segments of the market have in their minds.
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