Unicist Functionalist Marketing

Using Cobots, Unicist AI & Binary Actions

Functionalist Technologies

Using Cobots to manage the Root Causes of Buying Processes

The unicist functionalist approach to marketing is based on the discovery that human actions are driven by the concepts people have and so are buying processes. The unicist marketing approach is based on the knowledge of the concepts that are deposited on the products or services that are sold, the concepts that are involved in buying processes and the functional actions that need to be done.

Unicist Functional Design + Marketing Cobots

The functional design in marketing sustains the building of collaborative business robots that include the development of binary actions. Marketing binary actions are two synchronized actions, sustained by marketing objects, that aim at the same purpose to ensure the achievement of results.

Intelligent Applications:
the commercial applications allow building synchronized binary actions in marketing and sales processes

Using Binary Actions:
by making the functional design based on fundamentals to expand the possibilities for building value adding marketing solutions

B2B Marketing Proposition

Cobots for B2B-CRM:
to open possibilities in the market and install fundamentals-based intelligent automation

Unicist Marketing Rules Designer
B2B Bestsellers

B2B Bestseller Building:
by opening possibilities in the market through the satisfaction of the latent needs of customers

Unicist B2B Segmentation:
by simplifying the management of customer profiles managing the root causes of buying processes

Unicist B2B Segmentation
B2B Distribution Building

Installing Distribution 4.0:
to expand the possibilities of the distribution of products integrating physical and virtual resources

Using Virtual Marketing:
by opening sales possibilities using the advantages introduced by the integration of Unicist Cobots

Unicist B2B Marketing Designer

B2C Marketing Proposition

Unicist B2C Marketing Designer

Using Functional Design:
by managing fundamentals to expand the possibilities for building value adding marketing solutions

B2C Bestseller Building:
by expanding markets managing the latent needs and repressed desires of customers

Unicist B2C Bestseller Designer
B2C Segmentation

B2C Segmentation:
by managing the fundamentals of buying decisions to define customer profiles and buying arguments

B2C Virtual Selling:
by expanding markets using catalysts in e-commerce to accelerate buying decisions

Unicist B2C e-commerce Designer

B2C Distribution 4.0:
by integrating distributors and customers to increase sales and reinforce brands

Cobots for B2C-CDP:
by opening marketing possibilities introducing fundamentals-based AI to automate marketing processes

Unicist Marketing Rules Designer