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The Unicist Functionalist Principles Define the DNA of Business Functions

The Unicist Group

The Unicist Research Institute (TURI) is a private research organization that began, in 1976, the research process to discover the roots of the evolution processes of adaptive systems and environments and their application in social, economic, and business fields in order to manage them as ecosystems. TURI is an organization of doers, by doers, for doers.

The Unicist Research Institute

The discovery of unicist logic enabled the management of the functionality, dynamics, and evolution of things and provided a framework for the unified field theory in physics. The development of unicist functionalist knowledge integrated the know-how and the know-why of things, enabling their operation.

The main basic discoveries are: The Functionalist Approach to Science – Unicist Logic – Unicist Ontology – Unicist Functionalist Principles – Unicist Ontogenetic Maps – Unicist Functionalist Knowledge – Unicist Epistemology.

Development of Unicist AI

The unicist AI was developed to diagnose and operate in adaptive environments. It is based on unicist logic, unicist ontology, and functionalist principles, emulating the intelligence of nature and human intelligence. This allowed for the creation of the Unicist Ontological Diagnostician (UOD) to develop prescriptive diagnoses of businesses, as well as social and economic environments, and to build adaptive automation processes.

The Business Arm

Unicist Functionalist Technologies

The unicist business technologies are based on the use of functionalist design, binary actions, and business objects to:

1) Enhance energy efficiency by up to 30%.
2) Increase the speed of growth by up to 50%.
3) Diminish overhead costs by up to 70%.

The main business technologies are: Unicist Functionalist Design – Unicist Binary Actions – Functionalist KPIs – Unicist Objects Driven Organization – Driving, Catalyzing, Inhibiting, Entropy Inhibiting, and Gravitational Objects – Unicist Functionalist Management – Unicist Destructive Tests.

The Marketing Arm

Functionalist Principles Marketing

The unicist marketing technologies use conceptual segmentation, functionalist design, catalysts, and commercial binary actions to:

1) Enhance marketing effectiveness by up to 30%.
2) Increase the speed of growth by up to 50%.

The main marketing technologies are: Functionalist Marketing Principles – Unicist Conceptual Segmentation – Commercial Binary Actions – Functionalist KPIs – Commercial, Semantic, and Semiotic Objects – Marketing Catalysts – Unicist Functionalist Marketing – Unicist Functionalist Design – Unicist Destructive Tests.

The Academic Arm

Unicist In-House Universities

The academic arm uses unicist functionalist design to match the requirements of the 4th Industrial Revolution to enhance customer orientation and efficiency by up to 30%.

The Unicist Corporate University works as a Teaching Hospital in Business to solve business problems using functionalist technologies while the participants learn based on unicist reflection-driven education.

The main technologies are: Unicist Reflection Driven Education – Unicist Functionalist Design – Unicist Destructive Tests – Unicist Reflection

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