Collaborative Corporate Partnering

Unicist Functionalist Design

Based on Functionalist Technologies

Functionalist Technologies

Installing Functionalist Design of Business Processes

Based on Collaborative Corporate Partnering

Unicist functionalist design was developed to manage the functionality of business processes to manage their adaptability. It uses functionalist principles of processes to manage their unified fields to build solutions using synchronized binary actions. Functionalist design improves the generation of value and diminishes costs. 

The unicist functionalist approach uses functionalist principles to manage the roots of the functionality of things and the root causes of problems using the necessary synchronized binary actions to generate results. It is integrated with workflow design, automation and unicist AI, to build business solutions. This collaborative project generates an initial positive cashflow for the company, and includes technologies that might be protected by non-disclosure agreements.

The use of Functionalist Design to define the Functionality of Processes

Managing the functionalist principles of processes and building binary actions and business objects to ensure results
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Functionalist Design begins with the building of a Functionalist Prototype

The installation of functionalist design includes the building of a prototype to learn from the feedback
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Begin by Testing a Real Solution using Functionalist Technologies

We recommend experiencing a real solution to a problem using functionalist technologies to generate results
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Basic Technologies & Tools

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Functionalist Design is based on the use of functionalist principles

Functionalist principles provide the fundamentals of business functions and are the GPS for functionalist design
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The installation of Business Objects simplifies processes

The Business Objects that are used provide proven solutions to increase productivity and quality
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Using Binary Actions in processes ensures the generation of value

The design of synchronized binary actions is based on functionalist principles to expand possibilities and ensure results
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Functionalist Design is managed in Design Groups

The unicist functionalist design groups include an ombudsperson, a coordinator, and a fallacy-shooter
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The validation process is based on the use of Pilot Tests

Pilot testing is based on the design of specific destructive tests and non-destructive tests
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Functionalist Technologies