Intelligent Marketing & Management in CRM/CDP

Managing the Intelligence of Marketing & Selling Processes

This module is integrated with CRM platforms to provide a fully automated adaptive process that enables increasing the effectiveness of marketing processes using binary actions that increase the influence on customers. It includes the use of catalysts that open market spaces and accelerate processes and commercial, semantic, semiotic, and branding objects to influence buying processes.

Value Proposition

Unicist AI

Integrating Data-based AI & Fundamentals-based AI

The unicist artificial Intelligence is integrated by data-based AI and fundamentals-based AI. The data-based AI is supported by the fundamentals-based AI to avoid having subjective biases. Access

The Use of Unicist Functional Segmentation

Human actions are driven by the concepts people have. This allowed developing the conceptual segmentation that drives buying decisions and building marketing objects to influence them. Access

Solution building

The Use of the Unicist Functional Designer & the Intelligent System

The unicist functional designer and the unicist intelligent system allow planning, designing, and building business processes including the use of binary actions, business objects and catalysts to ensure results. Access

The Use of Binary Actions to Influence Buying Decisions

 The design and building of binary actions is based on the use of objects that expand the needs of customers and objects that close sales. Binary actions are necessarily integrated with catalysts. Access

Binary Actions
Business Objects

The Use of Marketing Objects to Generate Sales

The use of commercial, semantic and branding marketing objects enhances the influence on potential buyers and empowers the synchronicity of binary actions by integrating catalysts. Access

Using Catalysts to Expand & Accelerate Marketing Processes

Marketing Catalysts open a space in the market due to the influence they have based on the latent needs they satisfy. They open new marketplaces and accelerate buying processes. Access

Pilot Tests

Using Pilot Tests & Destructive Tests to Design Processes

This module designs the pilot tests to learn from the market to make things work and develops destructive tests to test the limits of the possibilities to expand the solutions developed. Access

Unicist Solutions Library
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Unicist Solutions Library
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