Unicist Contingency Rooms

Transforming Urgent Problems into Structural Solutions

Contingency Rooms manage Root Causes to Solve Problems

Unicist Contingency Rooms are transitional organizational units that transform urgent problems into structural solutions. These units are integrated by a team that includes a coordinator, an ombudsperson, and a fallacy-shooter. They use the unicist functionalist approach to develop solutions. Their work includes the development of intelligent applications or unicist cobots (collaborative robots) to simplify the solutions.

Unicist Functional Design + Binary Actions

The unicist functionalist approach to business is based on the use of functional design to manage the functionality of business processes including the development of binary actions. Binary actions are two synchronized actions, sustained by business objects, that aim at the same purpose to ensure the achievement of results.

Unicist Contingency Rooms

Intelligent Applications:
the solutions developed by contingency rooms always include the development of intelligent applications

Using Binary Actions:
the building of structural solutions manages fundamentals and uses binary actions to ensure the generation of value

Unicist Diagnostics System:
that provides an intelligent tool that simplifies the building of structural solutions

Unicist Diagnostics System
Unicist Business Process Designer

Unicist Process Designer:
to build the unified fields of the solutions and the layout of their architecture

Binary Action Designer:
to transform the conceptual design of a process into a manageable improvement process

Unicist Binary Action Designer
Unicist Business Object Designer

Business Object Designer:
to build the necessary business objects and roles to be inserted in the processes

Quality Assurance Designer:
based on the introduction of automated decisions to ensure the effectiveness of the processes

Unicist Quality Assurance Designer
Unicist Functional Design

Functional Design Groups:
to build solutions for work processes led by an ombudsperson, a coordinator, and a fallacy-shooter

Unicist Project Designer:
to design elements that integrate binary actions, business objects and catalysts

Unicist Pilot Test Designer

Pilot Test Designer:
to design pilot tests to confirm the functionality and destructive tests to extend the use of solutions

Avant-Garde Groups:
to introduce upgrades and innovative solutions in companies based on a participative approach

Unicist Avant Garde Groups
IT Applications Builder

IT Applications Builder:
when possible, the structural solutions that are developed are installed in IT applications

Unicist Corporate University:
provides the functionalist and strategic technologies to the members of the companies

Corporate University
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