Unicist Business Cobots

Using Binary Actions to ensure Results

Install Cobots in the Era of Human-Robot Integration

Unicist cobots allow fostering adaptability and customer orientation and reduce costs. They are based on a functionalist approach to businesses that introduces adaptability in operational and administrative systems. The unicist AI enabled their development towards cobots, which are collaborative robots, to sustain management systems and transform them into intelligent systems that manage different levels of automation.

Cobots in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Business cobots are collaborative robots that complement human actions. Cobots use binary actions, which are two synchronized actions, sustained by business objects, that aim at the same purpose to ensure results. In business, there are two possible uses:
1) As part of a backward integration, to sustain decision processes.
2) As part of a forward integration, to transform decisions into actions.

Adopt Functional Design & the use of Business Cobots

The Unicist Functional Design manages the concepts and fundamentals to ensure the generation of value

Unicist Functionalist Approach
Diagnostics Cobots

There are diagnostics cobots for different application fields based on functional diagnoses and their operational consequences

The Functional Designers use the conceptual structures of specific business functions to build and monitor their functionality

Unicist Functional Design
Marketing Cobots

Marketing Cobots transform segmented buying arguments into binary actions, catalysts, and marketing objects

The unicist cobots manage the concepts and fundamentals of opportunities to define the underlying risks

Risk Management Cobots

Unicist Business Process Design using the fundamentals included in the ontogenetic maps of business functions

Unicist Knowledge Management Systems provide the necessary diagnoses, information and actions to work processes

Unicist Knowledge Management
Unicist Project Management

Unicist Project Management was developed to deal with complex projects to ensure the fulfillment of their critical path

Contingency Rooms use Cobots to diagnose and develop solutions based on fundamental & technical knowledge

Unicist Avant Garde Groups

Unicist Avant Garde Groups are a participative way for introducing medium and large changes in organizations

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Unicist Solutions Library
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