Unicist Functionalist B2B Marketing

Using Unicist AI, Binary Actions & Cobots

Influencing the Root Drivers of Buying Processes

Unicist AI emulates human intelligence to manage the Functionalist Approach. The Unicist B2B marketing was developed to deal with supply driven markets, differentiated products and innovative value propositions. This approach includes the use of cobots to manage virtual marketplaces. 

Unicist Functionalist B2B Marketing Strategies

B2B marketing is focused on supply-driven markets, innovations and differentiated products and services

Marketing Cobots to increase the speed of growth

Marketing cobots allow developing adaptive marketing actions and using marketing catalysts

Institutional and Product Segmentation in B2B marketing

It uses conceptual segmentation based on the products, services and the buying decision processes

The use of Marketing Strategies according to the segments

Each segment has its specific buying process that requires to be complemented by the marketing strategies

Unicist B2B strategies use Unicist Binary Actions to grow

They are synchronized actions that focus on the same purpose to ensure marketing and selling processes

Distribution 4.0 accelerates growth through Integration

Distribution 4.0 includes a virtual integration of the value chain from the producer to the consumer or user

The validation process is based on the use of Pilot Tests

Pilot testing is based on the design of specific destructive tests and non-destructive tests

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