Unicist Fundamentals-based AI

To build Unicist Business Cobots

Unicist AI: to build Cobots and Intelligent Management Systems

The Unicist AI is a functionalist approach because it uses the rules of the unicist logic to define the concepts and fundamentals of things to define their functionality. The unicist AI is fundamentals based and allows the integration with data-based AI to provide functional knowledge in adaptive environments. It solves the subject bias of data-based AI and allows dealing with adaptive environments.

Cobots in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Business cobots are collaborative robots that complement human actions. Cobots use binary actions, which are two synchronized actions, sustained by business objects, that aim at the same purpose to ensure results. In business, there are two possible uses:
1) As part of a backward integration, to sustain decision processes.
2) As part of a forward integration, to transform decisions into actions.

Unicist AI to Manage Businesses

Intelligent Applications:
the development of intelligent systems is based on the use of Unicist AI and unicist logical rules

Unicist Logic

Using Intelligent Automation:
by using data-based AI and fundamentals-based AI to improve the quality of intelligent automation

Intelligent Inference Engines:
to expand the possibilities of Cobots and decision support systems in adaptive business processes

Unicist Business Rules Designer
Unicist Expert System Designer

Expert Systems and Cobots:
to work as intelligent add-ons for automated systems in adaptive environments

Risk Management Systems:
to establish a safe environment to manage businesses in adaptive environments

Unicist Risk Management Designer
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