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A Unicist Functionalist Approach

A Unicist Functionalist Approach

A Unicist Functionalist Approach

Unicist Maximal and Minimum Strategies

An In-House Business Solution Factory

An In-House Business Solution Factory

An In-House Business Solution Factory


Unicist Strategy Labs

For Competitive and Countercyclical Strategies

The scientific breakthroughs introduced at The Unicist Research Institute allowed increasing the speed of business growth by managing maximal and minimum strategies, the building of catalysts and the use of binary actions to ensure results.

Unicist Strategy was created to develop strategies in adaptive environments, integrating expansive and defensive strategies as a unit to ensure results. It is a planning process to achieve possible goals developing maximal strategies to expand and minimum strategies to ensure results.

Unicist strategies are based on the input provided by the wide context scenarios and the restricted context scenarios. 

A pilot test of the use of these Strategy Labs might be the development of counter-cycles in businesses affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Growth and Competitive Strategies

The Unicist Competitive Strategy Labs are Business Intelligence Systems that manage the fundamentals of businesses, develop maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results and define the necessary binary actions plan to make them happen. The services of the Unicist Strategy System might be outsourced.

The Unicist Business Strategy is based on the knowledge of the concepts and fundamentals of business functions and of the business scenarios. This Lab emulates the functionality of business strategies and works as a simulator to define alternative strategies.

Expert Systems to manage Business Strategies

The Expert Systems were developed at The Unicist Research Institute to develop solutions in the field of adaptive business processes that are feedback dependent.

They provide solutions in the field of action that need to be adapted to the specific conjuncture of the processes involved.

They are updated using the Unicist Artificial Intelligence to expand the knowledge based on the experiences of the system.

The Unicist Artificial Intelligence implies the integration of data-based AI and fundamentals-based AI.

The unicist expert systems solve specific problems by managing the root causes of the business functions and develop catalysts to accelerate processes. They are the expert tools of the expert systems driven laboratories that are installed in companies. Learn more

Participative Project Development

Virtual activities require a different way of managing strategies, processes and tasks. This is a new stage of work process organization in the world that needs to be learned.

All innovative projects need to have a coordinator, a fallacy-shooter and an ombudsman/woman to ensure their functionality.

The introduction of unicist technologies is sustained by an innovation management model that is based on outsourcing the innovations until they become natural for the members of an organization.

It is recommended that a unicist strategic analyst of the client participates as ombudsman/woman to ensure that the organization experiences the process to acquire the functional knowledge of the solutions developed. Learn more

Features of the Strategy Lab

Value Generation

All the value propositions of the Unicist Confederation are based on the generation of positive cash-flow for the users. 

The use of business strategy catalysts increases more than 30% the speed of business growth. The building of catalysts can be insourced or outsourced.

Expanding Businesses

Unicist competitive strategy is a value adding strategy that was developed to foster growth and increase profitability. It emulates the intelligence of nature by developing maximal and minimum strategies to grow and ensure results.

Competitive strategies are based on the development of unicist binary actions that integrate maximal and minimum strategic actions and the use of drivers and catalysts to manage processes.

The Unicist Competitive Strategy Lab is a solution that manages the fundamentals of businesses, builds catalyzing objects to develop maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results.

Business Objects Builder

The use of business objects increases the productivity of business processes and ensures the quality of results.

Some of the companies that use objects in their organization are: Airbus, Amazon, Apple, BBC, Boeing, Dassault Systemes, Dupont, Ericsson, Facebook, General Electric, Google, Hilton, Honda, Hyundai, LinkedIn, Lufthansa, Mapfre, Mayo Clinic, Michelin, Novartis, Open Text, P&G, Pfizer, SAP, Siemens, Tata Motors, Toyota, Unilever, Walmart, Walt Disney World and Youtube.

The use of business objects structures the timing and synchronicity of business processes. It also provides the necessary acceleration to achieve the needed critical mass and the required speed to adapt to the environment.

The Use of Business Catalysts

The development of maximal and minimum strategies requires the use of catalysts to influence the process by establishing a credibility space.

These catalysts work within the trends of the environment. They accelerate business processes to ensure the timing that makes the achievement of objectives possible.

The results of a strategy are ensured when it has been adequately catalyzed and works within the boundaries of what is possible to be achieved 

Unicist business catalysts are business objects that build a context for the actions that are being influenced, which must be consistent with the environment in order to be acceptable. Catalysts need to have the necessary influential energy to generate results.

The Unicist Strategy Lab includes:

1. A Business Intelligence Module

The objective of the business intelligence module is to provide the necessary information to manage the present and future scenarios of the business.

The Unicist Approach to business intelligence is based on the use of unicist technologies that allow defining the information that is necessary to build competitive intelligence, critical intelligence and structural intelligence and building the context of businesses.

2. A Unicist Strategy Building Module

This module guides the development of alternative strategies.

An organization is equilibrated when maximal strategies are being developed while minimum strategies are built to ensure the survival. Maximal strategies are designed to expand the boundaries of an organization, while minimum strategies happen within the boundaries of an organization.

3. A Competitive Strategy Building Module

This module provides the information to develop the adequate strategies to confront with competitors. Confrontations may be active or passive, but they are always present.

The type of competitive strategy depends on the positioning of the organization, the competitors and the characteristics of the environment.

The final goal of competitive strategies is to achieve the goals minimizing the conflicts.

4. A Sustainability Assurance Module

Sustainability is a basic condition for strategy building. Strategy requires anticipating trends and ensuring that the results are achieved.

On the one hand, sustainability depends on the capacity of managing the future possibilities of a business, and the available influence to introduce innovations in the environment

On the other hand, sustainability depends on the maximal and minimum strategies of an organization and the efficacy of its management.

5. A Pilot Testing Module

The pilot testing module uses two different tests:

Pilot tests provide the feedback from the environment and the core learning input for the unicist artificial intelligence module.

The Unicist Research Institute

The Unicist Research Institute (TURI) is a world leader in its segment. Since 1976, it has been specialized in complexity sciences applied to the research on the roots of evolution and its application to social, institutional, business and individual evolution. TURI has a business arm, an academic arm and a social arm. www.unicist.org

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