Unicist Strategy Clinic

A Unicist Functionalist Approach

A Unicist Functionalist Approach

A Unicist Functionalist Approach

Unicist Strategy Development with CEOs & Owners

Developing Unicist Binary Actions

Developing Unicist Binary Actions

Developing Unicist Binary Actions


Unicist Strategy Clinic for Growth

Business Objects Driven Strategies

The Unicist Strategies for growth are based on developing maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results. They are based on the knowledge of the ontological structure of business and markets that define their functionality and the use of business objects driven processes and the use of catalysts.

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Functional Strategies vs. Empirical Strategies

Functional strategy building introduced an upgrade in the strategy building process. While empirical strategies are based on the knowledge of the know-how of businesses, functional strategies are based on the integration of the know-why with the know-how.

Empirical strategies are developed based on multiple unidirectional cause-effect actions, while the functional strategic approach is based on the use of synchronized binary actions that allow developing maximal and minimum strategies. This applies to business, marketing, organizational, financial and competitive strategies.

Unicist Binary Actions

For CEOs and Owners

The Unicist Strategy Clinic is fully focused on business growth and is managed by the Partners and Associates of The Unicist Research Institute.

It provides the unicist ontological structures that allow building functional solutions, based on the knowledge of the conceptual structure and the fundamentals of the solution. The functionality is ensured by the use of pilot tests.

The process has been designed to support the development of strategies and actions to manage the adaptive aspects of businesses.

The development of maximal and minimum strategies includes the development of synchronized binary actions and business objects to achieve results. The use of catalysts accelerates growth processes and the pilot tests ensure results.

The use of the unicist functional strategy designer allows defining processes that are focused on the generation of growth and profitability.

This process implies the development of maximal and minimum strategies to increase the adaptability and functionality of processes and ensure customer orientation.

The activity that fosters growth and increases the profitability of businesses is sustained by unicist ontological tools to manage the adaptive business processes.

The Unicist Logic emulates the intelligence of nature and makes businesses reasonable, understandable, and predictable.


A Functionalist Approach to Business

The collaborative development process uses the Unicist Functional Design to develop the strategy, integrating a synchronized action plan that includes the necessary business objects and the monitoring of its implementation.

The 4th Industrial Revolution drove management to a superior stage. It is the first industrial revolution focused on generating superior customer value of the goods or services that are being produced. It introduced adaptiveness in business processes to ensure customer orientation and business growth.

The basic goal of this program is to develop and implement a growth strategy while transferring the unicist technology to the client.

Solution Building Factory
The unicist strategy emulates the intelligence of nature by developing maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results.

The Structure of the Unicist Strategy Clinic

The clinic is based on the diagnosis of the possibilities of the business. The main characteristics are:


The unicist business counseling agreements have a beginning and an end and have a maximal strategy and a minimum strategy to ensure results. These agreements can be made based on fixed fees or might include success fees. The basic fee for this 3-month service is USD 9,000.- plus taxes.


The Unicist Research Institute

The Unicist Research Institute (TURI) is a world leader in its segment. Since 1976, it has been specialized in complexity sciences applied to the research on the roots of evolution and its application to social, institutional, business and individual evolution. TURI has a business arm, an academic arm and a social arm. www.unicist.org

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