A Functionalist Approach to Business Organization

Organizational Labs in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The organizational labs foster the entrance in the 4IR and allow designing processes, projects, systems and solutions in adaptive environments that require managing the concepts involved to ensure the results to be obtained.
The development of solutions might be outsourced based on the use of unicist functional designers and expert systems.

Value Proposition

Root Cause Management

The Unicist Ontological Approach to manage Root Causes

This module provides the conceptual engineering technology to find and deal with triggering causes, limit causes and root causes to develop solutions for problems in adaptive business environments. Access

The Use of the Unicist Functional Designer & the Intelligent System

The unicist functional designer and the unicist intelligent system allow planning, designing, and building business processes including the use of binary actions, business objects and catalysts to ensure results. Access

Solution building
Unicist Binary Actions

Introducing Binary Actions, Business Objects & Catalysts

The integration of functional design and binary actions ensures the generation of value and the minimization of costs. These binary actions include the use of business objects and catalysts. Access

Optimizing Processes using the Unicist Functional Designers

The business process builder uses the unicist functional designers to develop adaptive processes that include the necessary business objects and the use of process catalysts to ensure results. Access

Business Objects

Introducing Quality Assurance in All Business Processes

The purpose of quality assurance is to always have an alternative system to develop any activity. Adaptive processes require using quality assurance to manage the feedback from the environment. Access

Using Pilot Tests & Destructive Tests of Solutions

Pilot tests are developed as destructive and non-destructive tests that drive the reflection processes to find the root causes of problems and confirm the functionality of the solutions. Access

Destructive Testing

Functionalist Technologies