Collaborative Corporate R&D Partnering in the 4IR

Partnering Model of The Unicist Research Institute

Cooperation in Diversity

Corporate R&D Partnering in the 4th Industrial Revolution

Introducing Functionalist Technologies in Companies

The Unicist Confederation is the business arm that provides the unicist functionalist technologies developed at The Unicist Research Institute. It is integrated by Partnering Organizations, Strategic, and Academic Associates who participate in the Corporate R&D Partnering Agreements with startups, midsize, and large companies.

The partners develop autonomous activities, which are catalyzed by the activities of the research institute. The partnering model implies a joint business with each Partner that is based on exclusive relationships based on specific value propositions in the market in which the Partners exert active influence. The Strategic and Academic Associates work with the Partners and transfer technologies in their field of expertise. The partnering model includes the possibility of developing alliances.

About The Unicist Research Institute

The Unicist Research Institute

 Since 1976, The Unicist Research Institute has been the world-leading research organization in its segment
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1) Business Partnering

Functionalist Business Technologies

The use of functionalist principles allowed managing the roots of the functionality of business processes
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2) Academic Partnering

Functionalist Business Education

The unicist graduate education is focused on transferring functionalist technologies to companies and partners
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3) Academic Associates

A) Functionalist Design Programs

Transferring functionalist design technologies to the members of companies and coaching their use
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B) Unicist Contingency Rooms

Installing contingency rooms in companies to solve urgent problems transforming them into structural solutions
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C) Functionalist In-House Universities

Introducing functionalist technologies to manage the adaptability required by the 4th Industrial Revolution
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4) Strategic Associates

A) Unicist Situation Rooms

The Unicist situation rooms were designed to develop solutions for structural problems, conflicts, and crises. 
Installation of Situation Rooms

B) Unicist Business Strategy

Managing the functionalist principles to develop maximal and minimum strategies to grow and ensure results
Installation of Growth Strategies

C) Equity Value Enhancement

Based on the use of functionalist principles and functionalist technologies to foster growth and profitability
Installation of Equity Value Monitors

5) Alliances

Business Alliances

The Unicist Research Institute establishes complementary alliances with academic and business organizations 
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