Collaborative Corporate Partnering

Partnering Model of The Unicist Research Institute

Expanding the Confederation with Partners & Associates

Functionalist Technologies4IR

Developing Collaborative Agreements with Companies

Functionalist Technologies in the 4th Industrial Revolution

The business arm of The Unicist Research Institute (TURI) is organized as a Confederation that develops Collaborative Corporate Partnering Agreements with startups, midsize and large companies. It implies introducing technologies they do not have while generating a positive cashflow for them.


The introduction of the use of functionalist principles allowed managing the roots of the functionality of things and the root causes of problems. This implies that all the members of our organization manage the root causes of problems and, if they cannot be found, use palliatives until it is possible to find the roots of the functional structure of the solutions.

Unicist Confederation

The use of functionalist principles simplified the management of the functionality of business processes
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Introducing Functionalist Education in Companies​

TURI’s Confederation is integrated by professional organizations and academic associates who partner with us and companies to introduce the management of the roots of the functionality of business processes and the root causes of problems in the framework of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Unicist Corporate University

The unicist graduate education is focused on transferring technologies to companies, partners and associates
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The Use of the Business Compass for Solution Building

The Unicist Business Compass with Unicist AI is an expert system that is used in all projects to provide diagnoses and solutions based on the root causes of problems. It uses the unicist logic to manage the functionalist principles, fundamentals and binary actions of the business processes involved.

Unicist Intelligent Systems

The Unicist Business Compass is an expert system, based on Unicist AI, to manage the root causes of problems
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The Development of Alliances

Since 1976, The Unicist Research Institute has been the basic and applied research organization that introduced the functionalist approach to science and the functionalist principles of the real world. TURI develops alliances with professional organizations for specific projects.

The Unicist Research Institute

Specific applied R&D projects for companies might be developed by alliances with professional organizations
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The Use of Binary Actions
The Use of Binary Actions

The 4th Industrial Revolution

The 4IR is the first market-oriented revolution. It is based on dealing with the functionality of things and requires managing the functionalist principles of processes. It uses synchronized binary actions to ensure market orientation and results. This consultation library will help to profit from the 4IR.

Collaboration Space

Unicist Collaboration Space

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