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Business quicksands are produced by human mind

To survive and expand businesses need to have a critical mass in the market they work in. When this critical mass is not given they do not find a solid grounding for their activity.

If one takes a look at the structure of quicksands, the structure of how markets “swallow” businesses will become self-evident.

Quicksand is created when water saturates an area of loose sand and the ordinary sand is agitated. When the water trapped in the batch of sand can’t escape, it creates liquefied soil that can no longer support weight.

A business quicksand has two possible origins:

1)  Structural changes in the environment that cannot be managed
2)  The inexistence of markets or the inexistence of a critical mass to work in them

Lazy minds produce business quicksands

Brain uses about 20% of the energy consumed by the human body. Therefore the human energy conservation function needs to save the energy the brain uses. This is a natural and functional path that makes people “do things simple”.

But there are also “lazy minds” that go beyond simplicity. They approach reality based on analogies, value judgments, fallacies and utopias.

1)  Analogies allow “reading” reality based on appearances. No further analysis is necessary.
2)  Value judgments sustain superiority feeling with no real commitment with facts to be produced.
3)  Fallacies are mind constructions used to confirm the validity of the analogies.
4)  Utopias provide a feeling of superiority.

This is how lazy minds create parallel realities that are necessarily a quicksand for businesses.

These four elements produce the “water drops” that make business soil inconsistent. Once you are in, the more you move, the worse the situation. Businessmen / women need to rethink the business one they are trapped in a quicksand.  External crises foster the appearance of quicksands for those businesses who cannot find a way to adapt to the new situation.

Critical mass, differentiation and low cost are the responses to be achieved to leave a quicksand. The difference with a real life quicksand is that no one can pull you out. The businessman / woman has to rebuild the soil. 

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