Unicist Object Driven Strategy for Growth

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When a new strategy has been designed and tested, the first question that arises is: “And now, how?”

A new strategy, by definition, implies changes in what is being done. Growth acceleration, market share increase, profit improvement, quality upgrade and productivity increment are just some aspects that are implicit in any new strategy.

What needs to be accepted is that, as Sun Tzu said: “Battles are won or lost before they are fought” also “Strategies are successful or miscarriages before they are put into action”.

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A strategy is successful if the necessary organization and the adequate work have been defined. This fact is implicit in the use of the Unicist Object Driven Organization model. It is a way to organize the work using “objects” within the processes maximizing the productivity and quality of work and minimizing costs.

The object driven organization enables focusing on the necessary processes to develop maximal strategies while the objects installed provide the framework for the minimum strategies. To do so it is necessary to develop a conceptual design of the solution in order to define the field of the organizational possibilities.

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