The Unicist Approach to Organizational Development

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Organizational development is defined as the activity that follows the nature of a business defined by its business model, in order to design the necessary strategies to achieve the goals and to build the necessary architecture to achieve the concrete objectives. Organizational development requires introducing an improvement model that allows improving the business processes.

Organizational Development

The Organizational Development of Companies, requires managing the concepts that underlie the specific business functions and the resources that are part of their business processes.

Unfortunately, in the past, organizational development has been mainly associated to deal with integrating people in organizations to improve their business processes.

The development of organizations requires managing their concepts in order to know what is possible to be achieved and to introduce the necessary innovations that allow expanding the business without changing the concept.

The unicist approach to organizational development implies introducing “changes without changing”. This is not a paradox; this approach requires introducing superior technologies in business process that do not change the nature of the business that is materialized in the concept that underlies their business model.

People who manage organizational development need have the concept of the business in which they intend to influence, have a future scenario of the market and the industry, being able to design business strategies and have the capacity of managing the conceptual design of their architecture which implies integrating hardware, software and peopleware.

In the XXI Century, organizational development requires integrating the automation of business processes, the efficacy of the people who participate and the efficiency of the systems of a company.

Diego Belohlavek


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