The Era of Participation at the Unicist Confederation

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Building Solutions is an R&D Process

The Unicist Confederation is a technology provider that delivers solutions. The great difference between providing a solution or solving a problem is the responsibility an individual needs to assume and the knowledge that is needed.

The boundaries for solutions are always open, while the boundaries for problem solving are always limited by the problem. That is why people who build solutions need to have the concept of the solutions, while people who solve problems only need to know the systemic structure of the problem. Solving problems is easier than building solutions.

The Era of Participation

The Unicist Ontology of Language

Conceptual managemet requires using factual, synthetic, ambiguous and figurative languages.

We are now at the beginning of the Era of Participation, which implies that all organizations need to work as a strong participative environment in order to establish a culture that allows working as an institution.

Those who do not do this, are just transitory groups of people who join because of materialistic interests without having anything in common. Access:

The lack of participation unavoidably drives towards “Active Inaction”. Access:

The Context of the Participation:

Managing the Concepts of the Solutions

It is important to take into account that the traditional educational system, in order to socialize, promotes the use of analytical and operational languages and the idea that knowing is having answers.

But languages are the code needed to develop conscious thinking processes. Thus, while the traditional educational approach fosters operational and analytical thinking, this approach also inhibits conceptual thinking.

Emulating concepts in mind requires the use of factual, synthetic, ambiguous and figurative languages. One needs to have questions, not answers, to build conceptual knowledge. The paradox is that transforming straightforward language into a standard implies condemning people to stay at an operational-analytical level hindering the assumption of responsibilities.

The Framework for Participation

As it is known, we are at the leading edge of science and technology in the field of complex adaptive systems, which requires a very special kind of participation. For this reason, all our Partners and Associates need to participate in the R&D processes, by developing solutions with clients using the unicist technologies. This implies sharing the intellectual property of these solutions with the client and with our organization. Belonging implies sharing.

These projects are managed by think tanks, which are integrated by members of the clients, by the partners/associates and by the members of the Unicist Corporate University. As it was said, the Intellectual Property is shared by all the participants, and the essays, that are written on the conclusions of the researches, are open to the community (not the solutions for the clients).

These R&D activities are integrated with the learning programs of the partners; they are therefore provided free of charge to the clients who have been approached by the partners. The programs are developed with the support of the Unicist Conceptual Design System.

The coordination of all R&D projects at The Unicist Research Institute is Peter Belohlavek’s responsibility.

We invite you to participate. You will find the access to this participation space at:

Unicist Executive Committee


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