Unicist Double Dialectical Logic

The use of In-company Unicist Corporate Universities

This is the case of In-company Unicist Corporate Universities to drive the clients towards an upper level of business or technology management.

Unicist Corporate Universities require proposing conceptual approaches to the restricted context of a business. When they deal with operational aspects of a business they generate no catalyzing effect.

They have to compete with the business giving conceptual solutions that provide a superior solution that makes the complementary value proposition of companies desirable.

They necessarily have to provide information that is above the operational level avoiding competing or providing recipes to the clients.

Two simultaneous actions are needed to make the competitive triangle work: develop maximal strategy driven processes and then minimum strategy driven processes.

Access a synthesis on the “Discovery of the Unicist Ontology of Universal Strategy Building” that is available at the Scientific Dissemination Program. You will find there other syntheses that might be of your interest: www.unicist.org/papers/universal_strategy_building.pdf

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