Language as a trigger for fallacious thinking

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It is true and universally accepted that the language an individual has is the code she /he uses to emulate the external reality in mind and to influence consciously in the environment.

languagesThere are different types of languages that are functional to manage different aspects of reality. The type of language that an individual has, drives the level of logical thinking that defines the functionality of her / his language.

The unicist ontology of language provides the necessary information to understand the functionality of the different types of languages in order to emulate the external reality and to define conscious actions.

It has to be considered that one of the triggering causes of fallacious thinking is given by the use of a language that cannot emulate a specific aspect of reality.

We suggest that you begin by accessing the excerpt of the unicist ontology of language and then access the book that is available among the “basic documents” of the Educational System:

This knowledge is a turning point in the field of solution-building.

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