Essay Submission: Confirmation of expertise of Associates

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Dear colleagues:

The Unicist Confederation manages a “knowledge business”. Knowledge businesses are such because they provide reliable solutions. A paradigmatic knowledge business is medicine.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is the core function to avoid malpractice problems that endanger the achievement of results. Technical-analytical and conceptual knowledge are the core of success.

This implies that physicians have the responsibility for having the updated knowledge of what they do. A physician, who aspires to become a professor, studies more than one hour daily. Their authoritative role is sustained by the credits they obtained by participating in conferences and other essentially analogous activities.

“Malpractice trials” are an entropy inhibitor that fosters their learning activities. Our Ethics Committee is homologous to the malpractice trials.

The activity of our associates also belongs to the world of the “knowledge businesses”. And in this case the activity of our associates belongs to a special case where the nature of things is being managed to ensure the generation of results.

Learn about the inner time required:

We cannot imagine that this activity demands less than 3 hours of weekly studies just to be updated with the latest hard technologies that allow transforming concepts into operational solutions. The advantage is that the benefits are according to the solutions delivered and do not depend on the professional time consumed.

This implies that their authoritative role needs to be sustained by the “essays”, based on real cases, they have developed. These essays will be published as a book in order to confirm their authoritative role.

Therefore if you have not presented your essay, please do it as soon as possible in order to enable your participation in unicist projects. These essays include the technical-analytical aspects and the concepts and fundamentals of a specific field of action.

See the invitation to participate at:

If you need more information please contact Diana Belohlavek.

Unicist Executive Committee


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