Entrepreneurs: Why use the Unicist Standard?

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Entrepreneurs are organizations in which the activity is driven by personal and individual goals. Their actions are oriented towards earning value and profit while they are committed to individual and group interests. They might or not be organized using objects in their processes.

There are two extremely different entrepreneurial projects: the “solopreneur” and the start-up businesses.

Solopreneurs are individuals who make businesses as lone runners.

Sometimes they are considered as a self-employment. But in fact these are the entrepreneurs that are either:

a)      Survivors who are trying to make a living

b)      Specialists, artists, scientists, professors who have a high personal value in a market

The start up business is an incipient enterprise that necessarily begins to work with an entrepreneurial attitude until “permanence goals” are possible. When start-up businesses are driven by objects they generate the necessary structure to grow.

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Diana Belohlavek
VP Unicist Knowledge Bank

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