Dealing with Business-wolves

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I got trapped while reading about “Business-wolves”, because I found myself reading about many experiences I had in my own business life. And above all, I rediscovered a way to deal with the business-wolves we might be surrounded by every day.

I recommend understanding this phenomenon because business-wolves justify everything they do in order to profit from others.

“If you think you have a business-wolf among your managers you need to bear in mind their fundamentals: 1) profiting without adding value, 2) justifying everything and blaming others for what does not work, 3) exerting power by action or inaction.

Business-wolves have a diabolic dribbling capacity. Just like a basketball player that should not look into the opponents’ eyes, but focus on the ball that is moving, when you face a Business-wolf you should not believe his eyes but focus on the facts that are being produced.

Do not imagine that you can manage them, they use their anti-intelligence. Anti-intelligence is superior to intelligence because it has not ethical inhibitions. You cannot negotiate with them because they will find a justification to avoid their commitment.

The wolf of the little red cap story is an apprentice when compared with a business-wolf. You cannot deal with people who are driven by the Schadensfreude (envy).”

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