Business Coaching: Our Partners work with the “Back to Back” methodology

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The “Back to Back” methodology has been used since 1981. It was basically applied to the solution of complex problems and to the development of unicist objects. A unicist ontological design of a given reality requires the knowledge of the involved concepts. Therefore, the discovery of conceptual structures precedes the design activity.

Unicist Back2Back Methodology

The major problems of human designs are their incompatibility with the nature of the objects that are being designed.

When designing solutions, there is usually no time to research the concepts involved.

To solve this problem, the operational function of the object is usually considered as an analogy of its concept.

This solution is very practical but insufficient when designing differentiated objects.

The knowledge of concepts is  not necessary when designing objects ruled by common sense (conventional wisdom).

The goal of the Unicist XD technology

This is a technology created to design solutions for complex business problems. It has been successfully applied in different countries considering their structural cultural differences.

The goals of this technology are:

  1. An integration of efficacy and technology.
  2. The generation of a knowledge acquisition and knowledge management process.
  3. Empowerment of the companies’ continuous improvement technology.
  4. Participation and institutionalization.
  5. Social upgrade is a consequence of promoting improvement through complementation.

The Unicist XD technology

The use of the Unicist XD methodology sustains the simplicity and reliability of design processes. The design process can be accelerated by the use of the Unicist XD.

It was developed to approach complexity and the solution of problems in an uncertain or risky environment. Unicist XD is essentially analogous to Extreme Programming. It can be considered as a conceptual design methodology.

The steps of the Unicist XD methodology are:

  • Development of the concept’s idea
  • Development of the first functional prototype
  • Experiencing – First pilot test
  • Quality assurance development
  • Development of the second prototype (including aesthetics)
  • The second pilot test
  • Feed-back and development of the third prototype (including the final aesthetic)
  • Third pilot test
  • Implementation


Business Coaching in complex problem solving requires a “Back to Back” methodology. It is the only way to ensure the functionality and quality of the solution. It drives the solution from the concept to the operation.

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