An antidote to innovation blindness in business

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Innovation is a paradoxical matter, everyone asks for it but a few really want it. Introducing an innovation implies accepting the existence of innovation blindness. The one who denies it will hinder the innovation.

An innovative solution is the consequence of a creative personal action to overcome scarcity in a given context in an environment that has the expectation, trust and credibility that a new solution will be found.

Innovation blindness is a characteristic of “innovation-phobics” and “innovation-busters. These individuals cannot see changes, avoiding the necessary work to recreate their functionality.

This innovation blindness produces:
a)    An incapacity to perceive the functionality of new elements
b)    The vision that the new elements lack some functionalities included in the existing solutions.

The introduction of changes implies having a conscious perception of what is being done. When possible, the simultaneous use of innovations with known and accepted elements is a solution (when they are compatible). The fist cars were horse-wagons with a motor. The first steam ships were sail ships with a motor.

Breakthroughs do not allow the use of elements of the past. The invention of the airplane is an example. In this case it is necessary to segment the implementation, counting that experience will demonstrate the functionality of the innovation.

Compromises are necessary to introduce new management models in a company. It will often be necessary to develop horse-wagons with a motor.

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