Monthly Archives: December 2015

148 New Researches have been concluded since February 2015 3

This has been a very productive year. As you know we are a private, global research organization that finances its own researches. Next year we will begin to foster the use of the unicist approach in UNESCO programs as a first step to install 50-year plans to foster the expansion of developing countries.

We are pleased to inform that 148 researches were finished at The Unicist Research Institute since February 2015. These researches demanded between 25 years (the ontogenetic map of Cultural Evolution) and 5 years (the ontogenetic map of Teamwork). The researches include also discoveries of homologous fields to existing reliable knowledge (the ontogenetic map of Human Adults Metamorphosis).


Complexity Science ResearchThe ontogenetic maps of: Cultural Evolution, Interest Groups, Social Networks, Pastime Activities, Social Growth, Mass Groups.

Behavioral Sciences

The ontogenetic maps of: Mental Concepts, Human Adults Metamorphosis, Think Tanks, Subjectivist Addiction, Learning by Teaching, Conceptual Design.

Institutional Behavior

The ontogenetic maps of: Entrepreneurial Strategy, Unicist Business Coaching, Goodwill Objects, Branding Objects, Organizational Expansion, Teamwork, Virtual Collaboration

We are pleased to inform that the participation of our associates allowed concluding the Learning by Teaching technology and the Unicist Business Coaching Technology.

The Future

As you know the frontiers of the unknown are opened as soon as you manage a secure knowledge in the field of complex environments. Reliable knowledge always expands the boundaries of the unknown.

Our Institute continues with the research of all the functions in the field of social, institutional and personal evolution that require being managed as complex systems.

We invite you to participate in this new stage in sciences that was introduced by the unicist approach.

Unicist Executive Committee