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Unicist metamodels – Design globally, operate locally

Business Fundamentals are cross-cultural which implies that they define the essential aspects of business that transcend frontiers.

The building of global design based on the fundamentals of a business to allow local adaptation according to the characteristics of a culture is the most effective way to manage businesses when their adaptive aspects are dominant.

When their administrative aspects prevail there is no need for local adaptation beyond respecting the characteristics of the culture.

“Nature is “the conceptual benchmark” for business management. On the one hand, nature is organized by objects (see Glossary). Trees, grass, animals, are “objects”. On the other hand, nature designs globally and operates locally.

Charles Darwin demonstrated the adaptation process of species that, having the same structural constitution, develop adaptive changes to live in a certain environment.

It is necessary to comprehend that the evolution of species has a materialistic origin.

What we are presenting in this book is the nature of business organization laying the fundamentals for global design.

The object-driven organizational design establishes the structure to develop adaptive behaviors in local environments.

The unicist natural organization has the same conceptual structure as nature:

1)      It is object-driven: this implies that organizations are integrated by interdependent objects and processes.

2)      It is market-oriented: market orientation is homologous to ecology.

3)      It ensures evolution: based on its implicit continuous improvement model.

4)      It sustains the evolution of species: each institution is a species in itself. Species grow because the energy they receive from the environment is higher than the cost of the energy they deliver.

5)      It is based on competition: only competition ensures the evolution of the ecosystem.

Understanding nature helps to understand the unicist approach to organizational design.”

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