Unicist ontology to build unique brands and/or images

After the value has been added, what makes a brand or image work is the fact that it is unique. In the case of enterprises the unique characteristic is given by the integration of the name of the company with its surname and its nickname.

The first step to build a brand is having a name. New companies and children are called by their names. Surnames are irrelevant in the case of low or middle class children.

Newly created company-brands have no class. They begin to belong to a class after they have a surname. The surname represents the generic category of their value proposition.

For business growth it is necessary to have a unique brand. Therefore the characteristics of the category represented by the surname have to be unique in order to work as sales catalysts.

Companies need to be managed by people who represent the attributes of the surname that is being built and having employees that respect it. When this is not the case companies’ brand becomes a simple name for the products they sell that generates no fidelity.

The internal spirit the corps and clients’ fidelity are built upon the surname of people and companies. The surname represents the ethics of a company. Consistency can only be built after the surname has been installed.

Extremely individualistic environments naturally drive towards power conflicts. In these environments there is no possibility to build unique brands. In this case brands are just names with no influence on the buying process.

Brand-building is a business decision. Strong recommendation: ensure that the nickname represents the category of the business. Markets usually degrade in order to buy “cheaper”.

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Peter Belohlavek

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