Unicist Functional Market Segmentation

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About 50% of marketing campaigns do not achieve their goals. This was the input for developing, step by step, a model that could make marketing more accurate.
The discovery of ontointelligence, as the intelligence humans use to apprehend the nature of things, gave the scientific background to the hypothesis that marketing was not talking to the real client but to a hypothetical client.
The discovery that concepts rule evolution was the fundamental input that made a fundamental segmentation possible.
Ontological market segmentation is simply the segmentation of natural attitudes of human beings. It is therefore cross-cultural.
When dealing with human behavior, fundamentals lay the grounding of human attitudes but the environmental and materialistic needs define the drivers of what people desire, want, need and buy.

Unicist ontological market segmentation is the integration of the drivers that influence buyers or consumers when deciding what to buy, or what to do.

The unicist market segmentation is an ontological meta-model that allows the understanding of functionality in market strategies. It fosters the use of global strategies but local applications through the understanding of the nature of a market or culture.

The unicist market segmentation includes:

1) Conceptual Segmentation
2) Functional Segmentation
3) Psychological Segmentation
4) Lifestyle Segmentation

Functional segmentation

Functionality is defined as the capacity of something to fill an individual’s need. Functionality is homologous to aesthetics. When talking about functionality we refer to the perceived functionality which defines what we call the hard segmentation.
The ontology of functionality can be described as:


The ontological segments of a product/service’s functionality are:

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