Human Intelligence

The Power of the Dualistic Thinking

The unicist approach to business requires the use of dualistic logic to manage minimum strategies. Minimum strategies are zero sum strategies that happen within the boundaries of a business to ensure survival.

The dualistic approach needs to use efficient procedures and operational benchmarks to monitor the activity to ensure results.

The integration of the survival strategy with an expansive strategy requires the use of double dialectical approach that allows integrating them.

Minimum strategies are necessarily oriented towards demand driven markets and they fluctuate with the demand of the environment.

Maximal strategies expand the boundaries of business and allow managing supply driven markets. They need to build the future demand driven market.

Dualistic thinking provides the logical approach to deal with unicist minimum strategies. Without them, the unicist maximal strategies would “explode”. But it requires its integration with maximal strategies in order avoid “implosion”.

Access a synthesis on the “Discovery of the Unicist Ontology of Forward-chaining and Backward-chaining Thinking” that is available at the Scientific Dissemination Program. You will find there other syntheses that might be of your interest:

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