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Functionalist Approach

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Sales Cobots to influence Buyers during Buying Processes

Sales cobots adopt multiple shapes. They are basically catalysts that open possibilities by approaching the actual and latent needs of prospective customers and open their minds to accept a value-adding proposition of something that is needed. They are based on the use of synchronized binary actions that avoid the natural reactions produced by univocal actions.

Unicist Binary Actions

It has to be considered that the use of binary actions is a natural process of any salesperson. It implies developing an action to open possibilities, or finding a context that opens them, and then developing the action that allows closing a selling process. This happens during the different stages of selling processes when we are in the field of rational buying.

This requires having the necessary empathy to understand customers, a strategy to develop these binary actions, and using catalysts that influence and accelerate buying decisions. The discovery of the functionalist principles that define the buying argument of people allowed defining the complementary sales arguments.

Sales Cobots are based on Buying and Selling Arguments

Buying and selling arguments are complementary, which means that the communication between buyers and sellers should be based on a complementation framework and not on competition.

Therefore, the first step to define a selling argument is to discover the buying argument.

The functionalist principles of this buying argument are homologous in the different fields and uses – i.e., personal, familiar, group, organizational and business buying processes- but takes different shapes according to the different functionalities.

The development of selling arguments is simplified using the unicist functionalist design based on the input of the information of the buying argument of a specific segment.

The research of the buying argument requires:

  1. Knowing the functionality of the product in the specific segments
  2. Knowing the concept people have of the solution they are buying
  3. Knowing and understanding the implicit objections of the segments
  4. Knowing the alternative competitors or solutions of the potential buyers

Unicist conceptual market research provides the framework to develop solutions for growth and market expansion. It includes the development of market labs, and the use of unicist semiotic groups and pilot testing processes.


Sales cobots are built to influence customers in real time using the necessary media to be able to work during the buying processes. They use the media that are functional to open the possibilities of sales processes and imply the establishment or management of the relationship with the customers while it opens the possibilities for closing sales. 

Search, Compare & Test it The Use of Binary Actions
Search, Compare & Test it The Use of Binary Actions