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Mindsets in the B2B Marketing of Management Technologies

A mindset is a pre-concept that establishes a decision framework that avoids personal risks. Mindsets are built upon actual successful experiences that are stored in the long-term memory of individuals. There are specific mindsets that deal with business problem solving and social mindsets that establish the framework of personal interaction.

Mindsets in Management

The mindsets in management are defined by the fundamentals that drive management decisions.  Decision makers are:

  • Solution driven
  • Problem solving driven
  • Technology driven
  • Power driven

Expansive management is driven by complex problem solving and the necessary systems to build the expansion. Contractive management is driven by simple problem solving and the use of tools to simplify the work.

B2B Marketing of Management Technologies

The mindsets provide the framework that allows triggering the automatic responses of the Conceptual Short-Term Memory in buying processes. These mindsets trigger functional decisions when the external environment remains unchanged. They are dysfunctional in changing environments.

The structure of business management defines the different mindsets that are needed to manage the B2B marketing of business solutions. The understanding of the basic functionality of the mindset is needed to know where the solutions fit it:

  • Operational Mindset – Is necessary to deal with functional operations.
  • Technical Mindset – Is necessary to deal with hard technologies.
  • Systemic (Cause-Effect) Mindset – Is necessary to organize processes.
  • Root-Cause Mindset – Is necessary to improve processes and develop strategies.

B2B marketing requires considering the mindset of the sponsors, users, gatekeepers and the decision makers to make adequate proposals. The institutional brand attributes need to fit into the social mindset of the potential buyers while the product brand attributes have to be consistent with the specific mindsets.

These mindsets define the restricted context of the B2B segmentation to be used.  The marketing process of management solutions is catalyzed by the institutional and product brands and is inhibited when the mindsets are disregarded.

Diana Belohlavek

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute (TURI) has been, since 1976, the pioneer in the research of complexity where the roots of evolution and the structure of concepts were discovered. In the business world, TURI developed a Solution Bank based on the structures of concepts, which define the nature of business functions that allow managing the root-causes of problems and the root-drivers of solutions.