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Functionalist Approach

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Manage the Functionalist Principle of Relationship Building

We invite you to explore the benefits of simplifying relationship management by using functionalist principles. Your comments on this article are welcome.

The purpose of relationship building is to establish a complementation between two or more people. This applies to all types of relationships, whether they are familiar, personal, business, or social relationships.

The active function of relationship building is the demonstration of the existence of a functional value, which means that the participation of the person who is building a relationship is necessary.

The energy conservation function is the existence of a personal common space that can be shared.

The binary actions of the process are, on the one hand, the demonstration of the value that is being added and, on the other hand, the finding of a personal common goal that integrates the participants.

Martin Alvaro
The Unicist Research Institute

NOTE: The functionalist principles developed at The Unicist Research Institute allow managing the functionality of business processes and developing unicist binary actions, business object and catalysts to make them work.

The Use of Binary Actions
The Use of Binary Actions

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2 thoughts on “Manage the Functionalist Principle of Relationship Building

  • Thomas Haas

    Congrats. First post open for comments. I am follower. Can you please give me an example in the business field? Thank you.

  • Martin Alvaro

    For example, Pharma laboratories build professional links with physicians. They do it, on the one hand, by providing them with information on new innovations in clinical matters, new drugs, inviting them to conferences, and so on. On the other hand, they integrate them in research projects and discussion panels which strengthen the prestige positioning of physicians in their field of specialty.