Intelligent Business Cobots Building

Cobots are intelligent business objects to automate adaptive processes to increase energy efficiency by up to 30%. The building of cobots is based on the use of the functionalist principles that integrate the know-how and the know-why of processes using functionalist design.

The output of functionalist design is the definition of the operational design of business cobots that includes the use of synchronized binary actions, the use of catalysts and the inclusion of business objects to increase productivity and quality.

The installation of binary actions in automation processes requires using unicist AI to manage the adaptability and synchronicity.

Unicist AI is based on the unicist logic that was developed emulating the intelligence that underlies nature and human intelligence.

Unicist AI is based on the rules of the unicist logic that deals with the functionality of things.

It is a fundamentals-based AI that allows managing the functionality of processes of any kind and building intelligent systems and cobots.

When necessary, these cobots are installed in mobile applications.