Download the Functionalist Principles of Marketing Processes

Functionalist marketing manages the functionalist principles of marketing processes. The discovery that the concepts people have in mind drive their actions, allowed accessing the root causes of buying processes. These concepts are the functionalist principles that drive human behavior.

The functionalist principle defines that there is nothing in the universe, which is part of a system, that does not work with a purpose, an active and entropic function, and an energy conservation function.

This structure works through binary actions that produce the functionality of any entity or process.

The research on the functionalist principles of human intelligence developed at The Unicist Research Institute included the discovery of ethical intelligence, strategic intelligence, and the logical type of thought that drive human actions and the conscious and non-conscious decision-making processes. This led to the development of Unicist AI.

Applied to marketing, these discoveries led to the development of binary actions, which are two synchronized actions that avoid dysfunctional reactions when people are being influenced.

This research also led to the design and building of behavioral catalysts and the development of functionalist marketing.