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Functional Marketing vs. Empirical Marketing

Functional marketing introduced an upgrade in marketing processes. While empirical marketing is based on the know-how of buying and marketing processes, functional marketing adds to the know-how, the know-why of buying decisions and of marketing actions.

Unicist Binary Actions

Empirical marketing uses multiple unidirectional cause-effect actions while functional marketing uses synchronized binary actions to influence buying processes.

The basics of functional marketing are given by the use of buying process driven segmentation and profiling to establish differentiated strategies for each segment.

This is what makes the difference in the effectiveness of functional marketing processes.

You can access the basics of the functionalist approach to marketing at:

Martin Alvaro

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute (TURI) is a world leader in its segment. Since 1976, it has been specialized in complexity sciences applied to the research on the roots of evolution and its application to social, institutional, business and individual evolution.

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