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Commercial Binary Actions Building

Binary actions are two synchronized actions that expand markets while they ensure their results. Therefore, influencing customers requires using unicist binary actions that include the drivers and catalysts of buying processes.

The unicist conceptual marketing approach uses binary actions based on the root causes of buying processes, which are influenced using catalysts.

unicist binary actions

Binary actions are two synchronized actions that aim at the same purpose. Some general examples will help to grasp the idea:

  • The active function and the energy conservation function of the intelligence of a tree drive its growth and survival
  • .Lift and propulsion make airplanes take-off and fly.
  • The cover and the back-cover define the functionality of the packaging of a book.
  • The music and the lyrics of a song define its aesthetics.

In the field of marketing, binary actions ensure fluent communication. Their use allows emulating the structure of buying processes to manage their dynamics and evolution. Some binary actions in marketing are:

  • Latent Needs Satisfaction + Urgent Needs Satisfaction = New Customers
  • Influential Marketing + Effective Sales = Sales
  • Knowing the Buying Argument + Using Selling Argument = Complementation Building

The success of sustainable marketing fully depends on the use of binary actions that include catalysts.

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