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Binary Actions in Marketing Processes


Commercial binary actions are two synchronized actions that expand markets while they ensure their results. They were developed to accelerate market growth by managing actions to install maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results.

Binary actions empower the value of processes while they diminish their costs. They use catalysts to expand the boundaries of solutions and business objects to accelerate processes and ensure their functionality.

Binary Actions Exist since Living Beings became Intelligent

Binary actions are part of human adaptive behavior. They also exist in the behavior of animals. Binary action is an action that maximizes the achievement of results by using the influence of the environment to do something. Using the context to do things is part of natural human intelligence. The core is being able to anticipate the consequences of what is happening in the context.

Unicist Binary Actions

Every action of the context of an activity influences the possibilities of some actions and inhibits others. Smart people only develop adaptive actions when the context makes them possible.

The research of Binary Actions

The first stage of the research at The Unicist Research Institute was focused on how this integration of context and actions works and how it can be emulated to develop binary actions based on the development of a restricted context that sustains the achievement of results. This drove to the discovery of the structure of social gravitational forces and catalyst that apply in all the fields of human behavior.

unicist binary actions

The second stage of the research was to find a way to develop binary actions that allow influencing people without generating reactions or change resistance.

This stage, integrated with the previous stage, drove to the development of binary actions to influence people by understanding the concepts that drive their actions. This knowledge established a new stage in the management of adaptive systems and environment.

The Building of Binary Actions

In marketing the use of binary actions is driven by the use of catalysts that generate a space in the market by satisfying latent needs, accelerate buying processes and install “hope” in the mind of potential buyers.

Supply driven markets, differentiated products or services and innovative value propositions require necessarily the building of catalysts when they are not available in the environment.

A self-evident catalyst in marketing processes is the brand power that sustains a value proposition. This is an artificial catalyst that is built by an organization to install attributes in the mind of the potential customers to sustain the marketing process.

Influencing customers requires using unicist binary actions that include the drivers and catalysts of buying processes. The unicist conceptual marketing approach uses binary actions based on the root causes of buying processes, which are influenced using catalysts.

Binary actions ensure fluent communication. Their use allows emulating the structure of buying processes to manage their dynamics and evolution.

The binary actions require using catalysts and marketing drivers in a synchronic way that accelerates buying processes.

Unicist binary actions are driven by the development of marketing actions according to the types of the products and services proposed and the segments of buyers.

Martin Alvaro

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute (TURI) is a world leader in its segment. Since 1976, it has been specialized in complexity sciences applied to the research on the roots of evolution and its application to social, institutional, business and individual evolution.

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