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Object Driven Marketing of Rational Products/Services

Rational products are those in which the functional use value of the product prevails in the buyer’s decision. In order to better understand this process we will begin by describing the object driven marketing of rational products.

Every selling process is based on a brand. Nothing exists without a brand.

Even extreme commodities have a brand based on the origin of the product or service. Brands represent the subjective context that gives birth to a selling process.

In an object driven marketing process the fist step of awakening the interest of a buyer is stimulated by an object.

This object needs to be able to provoke attention and awaken the interest of the buyer.

A marketing object is successful when it generates a need for a subjective link that can be covered by a real or virtual individual.

Access a white paper on Unicist Object Driven Marketing at:

Diana Belohlavek

NOTE: The Unicist Research Institute was the pioneer in using the unicist logical approach in complexity science research and became a private global decentralized leading research organization in the field of human adaptive systems. It has an academic arm and a business arm.