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Sell more, using the unicist universal market segmentation

The universal market segmentation describes the basic attitudes that drive individuals when they are buying. If you are able to approach each individual based on her/his basic attitude all what you are proposing will become credible.

Universal Market SegmentationThe attitude of individuals defines the first reaction of a person when a proposal is made. These segments are valid for any process where an individual is buying a product, service or idea.

This defines cross-cultural segments which behave within the structure of the myths, taboos and utopias of each culture. That is why it is necessary to design globally but operate locally.

Such cross-cultural segments are:


The independent seeks concrete personal benefits or utopias. He exercises pressure to accommodate realities to obtain benefits. When independent individuals are expansive, they seek benefits; when they try to avoid contraction, they foster utopias.


Conservative individuals try to adapt to their external reality by choosing one of the two ways they consider feasible:

  1. Following the rules of a culture (when they are expanding)
  2. Approaching reality rationally (when they try to avoid contraction)


Dominant individuals establish the rules of the environment. They build the necessary micro-cultures to be in a leading position. They are representatives of the culture (when they are expanding), or foster the evolution of their environment (when they try to avoid contraction).


Influent individuals base their influence on their innovation capacity. Their creativity and idealism drives them towards two different ways to exert influence:

  1. Propose innovations based on ideas (when they are expanding)
  2. Propose innovations based on creations (when they try to avoid contraction)


Take your time to grasp this segmentation because it is extremely functional. You have to consider that we all belong to one of these segments and are believable when talking with equals. Therefore it is necessary to be aware of the segments we belong to in order to avoid projecting ones attitudes on others.

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