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Market Share Growth: The Confrontation between the Leaders

The market confrontation between leaders is a very special subject. Only individuals who have been in a leading position can understand it. This post and the supporting literature provides the basic information to help to learn from leaders actions.

“Confrontations of supremacy take place between the leader and the second leader of the market. When there are no absolute leaders or no second leaders, there are no supremacy confrontations.

Supremacy confrontations are based on the functional, objective or subjective, added value of the brands involved. Supremacy confrontations take place only in “brand markets”, where differentiations are attributed to brands. There are two possible positioning:

¨    The subjective brand

¨    The objective brand

The supremacy confrontation takes place in the field of subjective branding. The objective is to influence the market to base the credibility of a product on its subjective branding attributes.

The supremacy confrontation is based on building the strongest complementation between the company, the product and the customer.

To do so actions to improve the bond with the market are required. These actions implicitly undermine the relation between potential customers and competitors.

On the other hand, in the confrontation of supremacy of the innovator the battle takes place in the field of objective branding. In this case, the credibility support of products must have a high level of objective branding attributes.

The confrontation is based on improving the complementariness between the customers’ objective needs and the products’ objective attributes.

The most important features in this confrontation are reliability and the company’s service since the product differentiation implies functional reliability.”

Access the content of the book “Unicist Market Confrontation” at the Unicist Library: http://www.unicist.com/books-pages/en/unicist_market_confrontation_en2.php

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