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Object Driven Marketing of ethical products and services

Ethical products are those where duty prevails in the buyer’s decision.

“Ethical products are not sold but bought.” That is why, when dealing with ethical products or services, only the first step of the selling process is considered legitimate.

Therefore it is necessary to have influential products with a powerful brand. It is the only way to influence the potential client to decide to buy the product or service without active selling.

When a selling process of ethical products or services is being designed, the definition of an active selling process produces paradoxical effects. Active selling is perceived as an unethical influence.

To build a positioning strategy for ethical products it is necessary to be aware of the brand attributes and the myths of a segment. It is important to understand that all those actions that collide with the myths of a culture hinder the buying process.

As there is no influence beyond the stage of interest, and considering the limits of the ethical products selling process, any conflict with the myth of a culture hinders the buyer’s decision.

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Diana Belohlavek
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