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A Logical Approach to Marketing

The unicist logical approach to businesses and their processes allowed managing them as adaptive systems making them reasonable, understandable, predictable and manageable. This logic made the development of the Unicist Artificial Intelligence possible.

The power of the unicist logic lies in its simplicity. It only requires reasoning in terms of maximal strategies and minimum strategies and of complementation and supplementation. It implies moving from a dualistic approach towards a functionalist approach.

It is based on the discovery of the functionality of the intelligence of nature that drove to the development of the unicist logic, which allows managing the functionality, dynamics and evolution of adaptive systems with open boundaries.

The unicist logic allows emulating nature by developing binary actions that manage maximal strategies to grow and minimum strategies to ensure results. It simplifies business processes by building business objects and catalysts to ensure and accelerate the generation of results. It is the approach needed to manage adaptability in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Conceptual Marketing in the 4IR

The discovery of the functionality of human intelligence, made at The Unicist Research Institute, allowed discovering and managing the root causes of buying and marketing processes using the technologies introduced by the 4th Industrial Revolution.

A Marketing Objects driven Approach

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Marketing takes place in the mind of the potential buyer. Therefore, it is necessary to know how the buying process works before a marketing strategy can be defined.

Marketing needs to use the knowledge of the mindset of potential buyers to segment them according to the different approaches they have.

The unicist marketing approach uses commercial, semantic, semiotic and branding objects to influence buying decisions. The quality of these objects is the core of a marketing process.

Unicist Expert Systems

Unicist Expert Systems

The unicist expert systems emulate the concepts of buying and marketing processes and simplify the building of marketing solutions based on the use of the concepts and fundamentals of processes and a pilot testing approach that ensures the functionality of results.

Customers can Only Buy the Concept they have in Mind

Buying decisions are driven by the concepts individuals have. That is why buying decision are driven by the instantaneous actions of the Conceptual Short-Term Memory that use the information stored as a concept in the long-term memory.

The Use of Commercial, Semantic, Semiotic & Branding Objects

Unicist marketing objects are encapsulated adaptive systems that produce predefined results that can be inserted in marketing processes to increase sales. Marketing objects accelerate buying processes and diminish the energy necessary to generate sales. This approach has been developed to ensure the critical mass of the processes.

Building Catalysts as Sales Accelerators

Catalysts are process accelerators. Marketing catalysts have been used ever since people had to produce results in business, social and political marketing. The acceleration of the processes depends on the specificity of the catalysts.

Conceptual Segmentation to Emulate the Mind of Buyers

Conceptual Segmentation

The use of the unicist conceptual segmentation is necessary in any proactive marketing activity. This segmentation describes the nature of a product or service as it is perceived by the potential buyers. It is necessary to ensure and accelerate B2C or B2B buying processes.

Synchronic Actions to Accelerate Buying Decisions

The use of catalysts requires introducing synchronic actions to ensure the critical mass of marketing processes. Unicist binary actions (UBAs) are objects that allow installing marketing catalysts integrated with driving objects to accelerate buying processes.

Automation, Artificial Intelligence and Data-based Learning

Unicist Expert System

The unicist artificial Intelligence is integrated by fundamentals-based AI, and data-based AI, using predictors to monitor processes. It is necessary to define and manage market segments and their evolution as an input to automated or non-automated marketing processes.

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