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The Unicist Functionalist Approach to Marketing

The research on the functionality of human intelligence, developed at The Unicist Research Institute, allowed demonstrating that people’s actions are driven by the concepts they have in their mind.

Unicist Binary Actions

This led to the development of unicist marketing strategies that use conceptual marketing technologies.

Conceptual marketing is based on managing the root causes of buying processes and the use of binary actions, catalysts, and marketing objects to influence and accelerate buying decisions.

It was demonstrated that while 100% of the successful marketing actions were sustained by binary actions and catalysts, 100% of the failures had insufficient catalysts.

The use of binary actions and catalysts is a must in marketing.

The Design of Marketing Catalysts

Marketing Catalysts are sales accelerators that diminish the efforts needed to influence buying decisions. Marketing catalysts have been used ever since people had to produce results in business, social and political marketing. 

Basically, it can be said that marketing catalysts are business objects that build a context for the actions that are being influenced that has to be consistent with the environment in order to be acceptable. Companies use more than one catalyst simultaneously. This integration increases extremely the influence on markets. The functionality of catalyst varies according to the circumstances of the market.

Some examples will help to grasp the idea:

  • Special offers are Generic Catalysts that accelerates the marketing processes of products included in a brand. Their acceleration is low.
  • GE Open Innovation works as a Systemic Catalysts that accelerates marketing processes of a category of products or services. Their acceleration is medium.
  • Amazon direct publishing alternative is a Specific Catalysts that accelerates marketing processes of specific products. Their acceleration is high.
  • IBM Deep Blue chess-playing supercomputer in the 90’s was a Conjunctural Catalysts to increase the equity value of IBM. Conjuctural catalysts accelerate marketing processes of specific products in specific segments. Their acceleration is very high.

Catalysts might be entities that exist in the environment or catalyzing objects that are built by the companies. The levels of acceleration catalysts introduce in marketing processes depend on the specificity of their functions:


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