Insourcing Unicist Marketing Intelligence

The Unicist Marketing Intelligence Modules monitor the root causes of marketing processes to accelerate buying decisions by emulating markets, installing strategies, binary actions, marketing objects, and catalysts.

Managing the Root Causes of Buying Processes

Marketing intelligence monitors the root causes of marketing processes to accelerate buying decisions by installing strategies and emulating markets by developing marketing objects and catalysts and installing adaptive automation. The development of solutions might be outsourced based on the use of unicist functional designers and expert systems.

Value Proposition


Designing Marketing Processes based on their Root Causes

It uses the marketing strategy that corresponds to a specific business to build “empty spaces” in the market where the value propositions can work as first-choice alternatives. Access

Unicist Functional Design to Integrate Binary Actions & Objects

The unicist functional design is based on anticipating, planning, designing, and managing business processes and their consequences using binary actions, business objects and catalysts to ensure results. Access

Unicist Functional Design
Binary Actions

The Use of Binary Actions includes Marketing Objects & Catalysts

The process catalyst and binary action builder is based on the conceptual segmentation of the market, which allows developing catalysts that are based on the Conceptual Short-Term Memory. Access

Defining Affordability, Opportunity or Valorizing Pricing

The pricing module allows developing catalysts that empower the acceptance of prices and manage the elasticity of demand using affordability, opportunity or valorizing pricing models. Access

Pilot Tests

Using Pilot Tests & Destructive Tests to Design Processes

This module designs the pilot tests to learn from the market to make things work and develops destructive tests to test the limits of the possibilities to expand the solutions developed. Access

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