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The Unicist Evolutionary Approach

In the 4th Industrial Revolution

In the 4th Industrial Revolution

In the 4th Industrial Revolution

The Unicist Evolutionary Approach

Pilot Test driven Market Lab

To install Drivers and Catalysts in the CRM Systems

The Pilot Test driven Market Labs manage the root causes of marketing processes to accelerate buying decisions by building marketing objects and catalysts and installing adaptive automation. The use of marketing and catalyzing objects increases more than 50% the speed of sustainable market growth.

The Unicist Research Institute
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Based on the unicist business objects library, the Market Labs are installed as “prototypers” that are refined by pilot tests until they become part of the client’s system.

Marketing objects are based on unicist conceptual marketing that manages the root causes of buying processes.

The market labs use expert systems to emulate the concepts of buying and marketing processes and develop commercial drivers, objects and catalysts to accelerate marketing processes

The pilot tests driven market labs are based on the knowledge of the structure of the concepts that drive the buying decisions of a specific market.

Market Lab based on Root Cause Marketing

The discovery of the functionality of human intelligence, made at The Unicist Research Institute, allowed discovering and managing the root causes of buying processes.

Unicist Solution Factory
The pilot-test driven market labs use expert systems and unicist artificial intelligence to build objects and catalysts to accelerate market growth. Learn more

This process included the discovery that human actions are driven by the concepts people have, and that buying decisions are triggered by the conceptual short-term memory (CSTM).

This allowed developing the conceptual segmentation that drives buying decisions and building marketing objects to influence them. Their use increases notoriously marketing effectiveness.

Unicist conceptual marketing is based on managing the concepts of buying processes and the use of catalysts and marketing objects to influence and accelerate buying decisions.

Increasing the Speed of Market Growth

This market lab provides marketing objects for companies that need to increase sales or are introducing new products/services, expanding new markets, developing new segments and/or building new channels.

The unicist pilot test driven market lab uses expert systems to build DDAs, marketing drivers and catalysts using the resources of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Unicist Expert Systems
The unicist expert systems emulate the concepts of buying and marketing processes and simplify the building of marketing solutions based on the use of the concepts and fundamentals of processes and a pilot testing approach that ensures the functionality of results. Learn more

Integrating Big Data with Fundamentals

The integration of big data with fundamentals allows increasing notoriously the accuracy of predictions and provides the input for segmented actions.

The data-based AI is supported by the fundamentals-based AI to build conceptual clusters that work as “universes” and minimize subjective biases.

When the quantity of data does not suffice, data-based AI is replaced by the use of non-destructive testing that provides analogous information.

Unicist Artificial Intelligence
The integration of data-based AI and fundamentals-based AI allows using data to define predictors and using the resulting clusters of fundamentals to manage data and increase the accuracy of the results.

Features of the Lab

Value Generation

The Pilot Test Driven Market Lab is installed as a “prototyper” that is refined through collaborative processes using the unicist evolutionary approach to establish a support system to build marketing objects and catalysts for the CRM of the company. This process generates a positive cash flow originated by the increase of sales.

The Unicist Research Institute

The Unicist Research Institute (TURI) is a world leader in its segment. Since 1976, it has been specialized in complexity sciences applied to the research on the roots of evolution and its application to social, institutional, business and individual evolution. TURI has a business arm, an academic arm and a social arm. www.unicist.org