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In the 4th Industrial Revolution

In the 4th Industrial Revolution

In the 4th Industrial Revolution

The Unicist Evolutionary Approach
Unicist Innovation Center
Unicist Evolutionary Approach

Unicist Market Lab: A Catalyst Builder

Catalyzing Sales in B2B & B2C Markets

Segmented Catalyst Building

The researches made at The Unicist Research Institute demonstrated that the evolution of living beings, social entities and businesses require the use of catalysts. Therefore, the success of sustainable marketing fully depends on the use of catalysts.

While 100% of the successful marketing actions were sustained by catalysts, 100% of the failures had insufficient catalysts. The use of catalysts is a must in marketing.

The Market Lab uses conceptual layers that allow building sales catalysts as marketing objects to influence and accelerate buying processes.

The discovery of social catalysts allowed developing business catalysts which are necessary to accelerate processes and drive the evolution of businesses. Learn more

Increasing the Speed of Market Growth

This market lab is for companies that need to increase sales or are introducing new products/services, expanding new markets, developing new segments and/or building new channels.

The Pilot Test driven Market Lab is a Cognitive System that works as an ADD-ON for CRM. It builds Commercial Catalysts using the resources of the 4th Industrial Revolution.   

The Unicist Expert Systems were developed to manage the fundamentals of business processes to develop solutions in adaptive environments. Learn more

Features of the Catalyst Builder

Value Generation

The installation of the Pilot Test Driven Market Lab generates positive cash flow. The commercial catalysts increase more than 30% the speed of sustainable market growth. The building of catalysts can be insourced or outsourced.