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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Time Management – Time has no value, time is a cost

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The image of consulting, counseling and coaching businesses has changed. Do they provide solutions? One of the problems that has influenced the lowering of their image is the way they charge their fees. As time has no value, when an individual charges hours instead of a fixed price for a solution s/he might be perceived as living from the existence of unsolved problems. That is one of the core aspects that has lowered their prestige.

Time management and time drivers define the efficacy of human actions. Out of time does not exist. Reality does not wait for individuals’ preparation. Although it is of universal application, the ontology of time management and its drivers is a basic fundamental analytical tool to define responsibilities in work and learning processes.

Time is defined as the part of the lifecycle elapsed between facts. It is considered a functional measurement of actions. Chronological time is a conventional factual measure of lifecycles. The same chronological time has different meanings according to the length of the lifecycle of the participants of an event.

Unicist Time Management

Time management is the human capacity to organize actions fulfilling external objective needs (external time) and respecting the universal time implicit in a specific scenario within the limits of the internal time of an individual.

When you charge hours you might be tempted to provide palliatives instead of solutions. In this case you would be degrading your own image.

Adapted individuals are those who are able to manage their internal time requirements to produce the external solutions on time.

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Martin Alvaro

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