Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Functionalist Approach

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Unicist Strategy for blog building

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Blogs are a virtual representation of a community.  The purpose of a blog is to integrate a community. The action of the blog is materialized in its content and the action guide is given by the aesthetic of a blog.  When designing a blog it is necessary to integrate these three aspects in order to be successful.

The community

Communities are groups of people whose goal is to increase their self-esteem within a framework of competition in order to reach a position within the community, and to show an attitude of being superior to those not belonging to such community.

uncist blog community

The content of the Blog

The content of a Blog has to include “the other side of the news” and rationalized information to cover the needs of the users’ pertaining and reference groups depending on their segment. Maximal strategy segments seek for elements belonging to a reference group and images of their far world to go beyond their boundaries seeking for the other side of the news. On the other hand, the minimum strategy segments seek for elements that represent their pertaining group and their close world through rationalized information.

unicist ontology of blogs


The aesthetic of a blog is given by its capacity to complete the needs of the participants, the desirability of its proposals, the harmony of its design and the inaccessibility of its “exclusive” aspects.
Therefore the aesthetic depends on the objectives of the participants of the blog. What is aesthetic for one segment might be anti-aesthetic for another group.

unicist aesthetics of a blog

As Sun Tzu says: Battles are won or lost before they are fought. A blog is successful when the design has been finished.

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