Unicist Quality Assurance Model and Methodology

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Quality assurance is a characteristic that systems have, whether these systems include human actions or not, in order to provide an accurate result to the point of substituting the system by alternative systems in case of failure.
Nothing is absolutely certain by definition within the scope of science. When we refer to certainty we mean that there are at least three alternative plans in case of failure and that alternative processes have been designed to have a probability of failure of less than 0,01.
In order to assure this level of certainty it is necessary to count on a verification process in real conditions that ensure the result or output.

The Quality Assurance concept implies that in the activity, which must bring about an added value, there is a Redundant Functionality and a Self-exclusion System within a framework of a Redundant Operative Method.
In order for knowledge to be certain, the basis for the use to produce elements, it is necessary to have been ‘redundant” from different objective perspectives, be clear as to the scope of such knowledge (think and say “I don’t know” is to have a self-exclusion system that promotes certainty of what one knows), and count on a method that permits reaching a certain knowledge as of different points of view.
Quality assurance is of vital importance in the life sciences fields. In those fields in which the lack of quality is not a “life or death” or “success or failure” determinant, the possibility of conceiving a Quality Assurance process turns distant.
There is only quality assurance in those cultures and activities in which there is the attitude that things should be functionally right and certain as far as the value they add.

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